Freight forwarder

A freight forwarder is responsible for managing of the transport and finding the optimal solution for the transportation of goods, including planning of a suitable route and the utilization of individual vehicles. He/she cooperates with drivers and other departments of the company and solves any problems that might arise. He/she communicates with customers and monitors the fulfillment of goods deliveries. A freight forwarder also takes care of selecting suitable carriers and maintains good business relations. They cooperate with warehouses and prepare relevant documents for dispatching of goods.

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Work activities

  • Mediation and management of international transport and documentation
  • Offering optimal combination of transport means according to the commodity type
  • Ensuring appropriate transport contracts
  • Evaluation of the efficiency of the selected transport solution and providing feedback to the client
  • Processing of contract documents and forms necessary for the delivery of goods
  • Planning of suitable types of transport and booking of transport capacities, including the provision of special services required by the customer
  • Determination of the most appropriate packaging and marking of goods taking into account the type of commodity and mode of transport
  • Planning the method and procedure of tracking goods and documents during the transaction
  • Routine handling of appropriate ICT in order preparation, contracting and tracking

Education required

  • Secondary education

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