Head of logistics

A logistics director leads the logistics and supply chain department of the organization, ensuring policy of purchasing, delivery, transport and distribution of goods, raw materials, machines. He/She sets out and manages the logistics strategy of the company as well as plans, standards, and guidelines to ensure the quality and quantity. He/she monitors and analyzes the market and delivery conditions. He/she plans and coordinates all logistics activities with flow management in the logistics chain and ensures the correct functioning of the storage area, manages and controls work results of the entrusted department and health and safety standards.

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Work activities

  • Defining the strategy of logistics, purchasing, delivery, and distribution of materials, goods, raw materials and machinery following the organization strategy
  • Planning, management, coordination and evaluation of all logistics activities related to process management in the logistics chain
  • Coordination of order processing, their input in the system and cooperation in creating the production plan
  • Coordinate the market monitoring and analysis process and delivery conditions to ensure direct or future availability of material
  • Coordintion of professional activities related to the optimization of transport and transport within the management of logistics processes
  • Coordination of the process of evaluation and selection of suppliers with respect to the given parameters and economic advantage of supplies
  • Claims management and dealing with problems related to the storage of goods and transport to the end customers
  • Assessment and evaluation of management efficiency and performance of the entrusted department
  • Negotiations with key suppliers and customers in the area of ​​setting up logistics processes and delivery terms
  • Creation of documents in the scope of management of logistics and distribution processes
  • Collaboration with production, demand planner, purchasing department and other company departments
  • Monitoring and assessment of trends in logistics
  • Leadership, motivation, evaluation, and control of subordinate employees’ performance


Required education

  • Bachelor's/Master's degree program

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