Logistics specialist

A logistics specialist provides activities in the optimization of material flow in the production process and in the optimization of the transportation and storage processes. He/she suggests the optimal means of transport, sets a timetable for the deployment and use of these facilities. He/She influences the optimal palletization, unification, and containerization in the transportation process and of storage processes. He/she suggests the optimal supply of raw materials, organization of production processes and collaborates on the creation of a production plan. He/She processes documents for price calculations and keeps relevant documentation and records.

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Work activities

  • Designing the optimal means of transport
  • Designing the most suitable handling and mechanization facilities
  • Creating a schedule for the deployment and use of means of transport and handling facilities
  • Designing the unification, palletization and containerization in the transport process and warehouse management
  • Assessment and evaluation of process efficiency in warehouse management
  • Designing the organization and technical provision of the optimum supply of raw materials, materials and semi-finished products
  • Designing the production process layout
  • Processing data for price calculations
  • Keeping relevant documentation and records


Required education

  • Min. required education: secondary education

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