Warehouse manager

A warehouse manager is responsible for coordinating and managing day-to-day logistics operations, organizing and managing the warehouse team. He/she also communicates with clients and solves planning, the fulfillment of contracts or potential claims. He is responsible for observing the fullfilment of health and safety standards and fire protection. A warehouse manager also performs regular reporting, cooperates with other departments of the company, manages the personnel agenda and closely cooperates with the personnel department. He/she also performs regular invoicing and analyzes the efficiency of the storage space use.

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Work activities

  • Organization and planning of work for warehouse operators
  •  Coordination and leadership
  •  Inventory planning and coordination
  •  Implementation of internal warehouse processes
  •  Reporting and documentation
  • Communication with other departments
  • Solving operational problems in the warehouse
  • Supervision of goods receipt and delivery
  • Supervision of stocking and picking of goods
  • Coordination of goods loading/unloading


Required education

  • Secondary education

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