Permanent placement

Looking for stable employees you can rely on? Through our permanent placement solution we will introduce suitable candidates that will fit into your organisation.

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Your company’s success depends on ability to obtain the very best logistics professionals to meet and exceed your business needs. At Freight People we pride ourselves on supplying organisations from the logistics and freight forwarding field with top talents. Uncovering hard-to-find candidates for the hard-to-fill permanent positions is our speciality. 


Searching for the right candidate can be considerably time and money consuming. Utilizing our services can decrease your costs and save valuable time spent searching for the best match for your vacancy.


  1. we assess your expectations and requirements
  2. we source suitable candidates
  3. we conduct personal/online interviews
  4. we conduct references
  5. we shortlist candidates
  6. we introduce selected candidates to the client and organise interviews
  7. we provide support and engage backup candidates




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