Psychometric testing and evaluation

Want to make sure that the selected candidate is the right fit for the job? Psychometric testing and evaluation can be used to understand people's behaviours, key motivations, limitations and development opportunities.

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Psychometric evaluation refers to a method which helps to uncover to what level does candidate's personality and skills match the requirements for a particular position. Such information is only hard to obtain during standard interviewing process, when time to meet the prospective employee is usually quite limited. 

The most expensive problems that companies deal with today can be solved, or at least diminished, with a better understanding of the people they employ.

Psychometric testing and assessments help organisations deliver ongoing success and achieve sustainable competitive advantage by ensuring their people and culture are aligned with their goals and objectives.


  1. personality competence - how a person is set internally
  2. motivation -  what motivates the employee
  3. performance - logical thinking, ability to work with numbers and text 
  4. managerial, sales and other specific skills




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